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Working Road Construction

SJ&L General Contractor provides quality work for roads and businesses in southern Tennessee and the north Alabama region. We regularly complete paving projects, from sidewalk repairs to much tougher road construction and repaving. You can count on us to handle all your road construction needs.

Our highly-rated work will ensure your roads demonstrate the best curb appeal while maintaining the highest value. Give our expert contractors a call today to get a free quote for any of the quality services that we provide.

Steps Involved in Road Construction

Building a road is much more than putting down asphalt or concrete. We refuse to cut corners in any stage of road construction because we know quality work. Here is what you should expect from your road construction contractor.

1: Survey the route. A clear and comprehensive understanding of the route is necessary for all the other steps.

2: Prepare the ground. When the earth underneath the road is properly prepared, the road will be better.

3: Build pavement structures. Pavement layers are created in sections, and each section must be evaluated.

4: Pave the surface. How this is done depends on the base material, the binder course, and the base course.

5: Install road furniture. Safety barriers, guide posts, and delineation make the final road useful and safe.